A traditional Lutheran seminary education delivered in a very nontraditional way.

The Educational Model

All of our core Lutheran content is delivered in a “flipped classroom” approach. That means students watch short video lectures and read class material on their own time and then meet live online once a week to talk with LHOS faculty about what they’ve learned. This allows for in-depth conversation and gives LHOS faculty the opportunity to really get to know our students.

Every Denomination

We work with Lutherans in all denominations and assist in candidacy matters for students seeking ordination.

Lutheran Pastors

We have students and colleagues in each major Lutheran denomination including:

Frequently asked questions

A full time student at Luther House can complete their study in 3 years, including internship and CPE. However, most of our students take around 5 years to complete the degree because of family and work commitments.

YES! Since we use “outcome based education” rather than counting credits, classes taken at other ATS accredited schools are evaluated as part of your course of study toward building competency in our curriculum.

The short answer is NO. The longer answer is that Luther House faculty will work with you to design a learning plan that takes into account your previous education, work experience, and calling to ministry. Contact us to learn more.

Phone: (605) 274-4808

Yes! Through Kairos University, Luther House of Study can offer a full range of ATS accredited graduate degrees and certificates to meet your academic needs. Contact us to learn more.

Phone: (605) 274-4808

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Hear From Our Students

“I was looking for a Lutheran biblical theology school. God brought me to Luther House of Study. Teachers and students received me with great love even though English is not my mother tongue. Every reading, class and discussion group plagiarizing Jesus is harnessed by the Holy Spirit according to God’s will. Being a part of LHOS is a blessing.”

Varinia Cuello | Mexico
“I felt and heard a strong call to serve full-time in ministry. But, my part-time ministry was local, in Mesa, Arizona. I could not leave my home or community, uproot my family, and head out to Saint Louis for seminary at Concordia, St. Louis (LCMS). I was pointed to Luther House of Study (LHOS), and since then, my soul, mindset, theology, and approach to ministry has been deeply, deeply challenged and enriched. This program is way undervalued and way over delivered.”
Ryan Barlow | Mesa, Arizona