Announcing our collaboration with the Unite Leadership Collective

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If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a recent post announcing our collaboration with the Unite Leadership Collective (ULC). 

The ULC is a nonprofit LCMS (Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod) based organization that teaches leadership development to congregations across denominations throughout the United States. Their focus is on connecting the dots between theology, ministry, and leadership. 

“A lot of churches struggle with understanding that leadership is very important in the context of building and starting new ministries,” said Tania Hilton, the Director of Engagement Development for ULC.

“That’s really where the ULC comes in. One of our passions is that we want to equip all church congregations to have an upward draft of leaders to equip ministries to recognize that everything they need to do God’s mission and God’s work is already in their house — God’s house.” 

We at LHOS are thrilled to be partnering with the ULC to create unique content in the form of videos, social media posts, and courses. Our goal is to empower leaders to make an impact by sharing the Gospel in explosive ways! 

One aspect of this partnership is that the ULC team will be offering an eight-week leadership development course specifically for LHOS students which will meet the requirements of the leadership outcome for our M.Div program.

This eight-week course will begin the first week of June, and there are still some last-minute spots available. Contact Deirdre Lapp at to get signed up. 

Outside of the course, be sure to follow both LHOS and the ULC on our respective social media channels (LHOS Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; ULC Facebook, Instagram) to ensure you aren’t missing any of our collaborative content. 

We’re grateful for your continued support of our mission! 

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