Teaching Christians to preach and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grounded in Lutheran theology, we strengthen Lutheran leadership and ministries for the proclamation of the Gospel.

Luther House is a beacon in a hill in the landscape of American theological education. It is a place where we the students learn to tune our ear to the radical grace given to us by Jesus. Here we are learning to preach the freedom and forgiveness of the Gospel to all.
Stephen Bozeman | Washington

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Trusted by Hundreds of Students

“I was looking for a Lutheran biblical theology school. God brought me to Luther House of Study. Teachers and students received me with great love even though English is not my mother tongue. Every reading, class and discussion group plagiarizing Jesus is harnessed by the Holy Spirit according to God’s will. Being a part of LHOS is a blessing.”

Varinia Cuello | Mexico
“I felt and heard a strong call to serve full-time in ministry. But, my part-time ministry was local, in Mesa, Arizona. I could not leave my home or community, uproot my family, and head out to Saint Louis for seminary at Concordia, St. Louis (LCMS). I was pointed to Luther House of Study (LHOS), and since then, my soul, mindset, theology, and approach to ministry has been deeply, deeply challenged and enriched. This program is way undervalued and way over delivered.”
Ryan Barlow | Mesa, Arizona